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Dipole calculator metric

1.0. 2.1. Antenna length based on the following formulars: 1/2 λ dipole (feet)= 468 / frequency in Mhz. 1/2 λ dipole (meters) = 142.65 / frequency in Mhz. Full wave loop (feet) = 1005 / frequency in Mhz. Full wave loop (meters) = 306.32 / frequency in Mhz. Cut wire slightly longer for connecting insulators and pruning.

If erected as a Dipole this antenna has horizontal polarization. This antenna can also be installed in an inverted V fashion "Center elevated, with 90 - 120 degrees between the legs" Then it will have vertical polarization and will usually out perform a dipole type antenna at distances of over 500 miles due to its lower angle of radiation. Our dipole calculator is a simple tool that allows you to compute the length of a simple antenna - it'll also provide you with the value of the wavelength and the adjustment factor [k]. DIPOLE CALCULATOR Imperial Metric After setting up your dipole with the lengths listed to the right, retest the SWR, find the frequency with the lowest SWR and enter that frequency in MHz below. New dipole length will show up below. Desired Frequency: Full Dipole Length -' - -⁄-" - Each Side/Leg -' - -⁄-" -.

This is a handy calculator for trying to create a Folded Dipole feed section for a multi-element VHF/UHF array, like a Yagi. Equation Ratio = 1 + log 2S D1 log 2S D2 2 Where: S = Element Spacing (Center to Center) D1 = Lower Element Diameter D2 = Upper Element Diameter ℄ L = (299.8 × 0.5 × VF) / ƒ MHz = 3' 2-1/2", (0.977 M) D2 D1 S.

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The measurements below are for building a Double Bazooka Near Vertical Incident Skywave (NVIS) Antenna. The End Wire Size can range from 16 AWG to 12 AWG. The larger the wire, the wider the bandwidth. 300 Ohm Twin Lead with the ends shorted is an option for even greater bandwidth. The antenna is constructed from a single length of 50 or 75 Ohm. A multiband folded dipole transmission line antenna (300, 400, 500) including a plurality of concentric-like loops (210, 214, 508) where each loop comprises at least one transmission line element.

A dipole is basically a length of conductor (wire) split into two portions and signal is taken off at the split. It has a nominal 3 dB gain over an isotropic source and is directional, tending to favor signals broadside to the wire. The dipole is customarily an electrical half wavelength of wire at the frequency of interest, since the impedance under this condition is theoretically 72 ohms.

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